Graduated from the University of Toronto, Tiffany was scouted by a talent agency when she returned to Taiwan. She has appeared in several web series, commercials and indie productions. In the first short film festival she participated, she won the award for Best Actress in a Leading Role and the award for Best Actress by Audience's Choice. On weekends, she DJ's at a radio station, sharing stories, interviews in between music. Other than acting, she also has a passion for playing basketball, rocking out to Motown music and curry. 

Tiffany Tsai 蔡天芸 

At age 15, Jeffry entered the School of Fine Arts in Dominican Republic, where he studied with the finest acting teachers of the country for 3 years, eventually catching the eye of Arturo Lopez (one of the greatest Dominican actors of his generation) and he invited Jeffry to an elite course named the Actors’ Lab. There he learned many methods, but most importantly how to deconstruct all of this knowledge for greater forms of creativity. After graduating from high school and drama school, Jeffry pursued a degree in Advertising and after a really good run working at 2 major ad agencies, he quit Advertising to start pursuing acting once again, this time with a better understanding of the creative process of crafting memorable characters, and with the knowledge on how to market himself as an actor.

Jeffry Mora De La Rosa
Marty Krzywonos

Marty is an American actor who resides in the Philadelphia area. Although acting has always been a part of his life, he took a change in direction when attending college to earn a degree in Piano and Music Education. He also acquired a love and interest in music composition and has written and recorded music for a number of short independent films. Before turning his full attention back to acting, Marty toured and performed with a number of musical groups such as The New York Experience, The Final Touch and Indigo as a keyboardist and arranger for the various groups. Marty has appeared in Black Swan as the Orchestra Conductor (which is something he actually can do), Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Just Wright, 666 Park Avenue, Boardwalk Empire and has just wrapped with the independent film Road Rage directed by Brad Mays. When not appearing or making films, Marty studies and performs at Playhouse West, Philadelphia. 

Isabel De La Cruz

 Isabel De La Cruz is a Puerto Rican actress established in Atlanta, GA. At a very young age, she expressed interest for the arts. By the age of six, her favorite hobby was drawing. She was also a very active child so she spent most of her childhood practicing sports and martial arts. Isabel discovered her passion for acting at the age of 11 and became a part of her school's theater club. However, she also loved math and science and, since an acting career was not feasible at the time, she decided to pursue a career in Science. She got admitted to the University of Puerto Rico in Humacao, where she studied three years of Computational Mathematics, but because she realized she didn't want to pursue a career where she had to sit on a computer all day, she transferred to the University of Illinois to become a Neuroscientist. She obtained her Bachelor's degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology, but dedicated her spare time to writing, drawing, and scientific research.

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